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Energy Examined

You have reached the home of Energy Examined podcasts. Energy Examined is a podcast that examines energy issues that impact Canada and the world. We tackle questions regarding growing global energy demand, the transition toward a lower-carbon future, and the role innovation and sustainable approaches can play at finding solutions to meet the economic, environmental and social priorities of all Canadians.

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Nov 15, 2022

Bob Merasty is the executive director of the Indigenous Resource Network, an organization looking to build a sustainable future for Indigenous communities across Canada through responsible development of natural resources. "We're no longer passengers," says Merasty, highlighting the growing confidence of Indigenous groups to become owners and equal partners through equity deals on pipelines, Indigenous-led LNG projects, entrepreneurial supply-chain businesses and more.

Merasty discusses with Energy Examined the impetus behind this trend, including benefits like jobs, economic growth and poverty reduction, steps needed to take things further, such as improved access to capital, and the vital role Indigenous businesses can play as land and natural resource stewards.