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Energy Examined

You have reached the home of Energy Examined podcasts. Energy Examined is a podcast that examines energy issues that impact Canada and the world. We tackle questions regarding growing global energy demand, the transition toward a lower-carbon future, and the role innovation and sustainable approaches can play at finding solutions to meet the economic, environmental and social priorities of all Canadians.

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Feb 2, 2022

As we move to update our energy systems for a low-carbon future, what does that mean for Canada's natural gas and oil industry?

Fiscal and economic policy analyst Jonathan Stringham with the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers discusses the realities of energy transition, and the continuing importance of hydrocarbon energy sources to meet global energy demand. He delves into how Canadian producers can maintain a competitive advantage as cleantech leaders, as well as what's needed in terms of sustainable finance, environment, social and governance (ESG) monitoring, and a sound policy and business environment that encourages innovation.